The Greenhouse Effect

Are you a garden and or plant lover and maybe you want to know about how a greenhouse work and how the greenhouse helps your plants grow well I am about to tell you. The outer plastic of the greenhouse when in the sun on a warm or cool day the greenhouse collects the sunshine and turns the heat of the sun and stores it inside the greenhouse and when that happens that temperature stays about 50 to 90 degrees even in the late winter and early spring. If you live in a climate where the days stay in the high of 40s to 50s yes you can even grow plants in the greenhouse and if you like to keep the greenhouse up 365 days a year and use it to grow plants like lettuce in seed trays and pots because in the winter the greenhouse will still stay in the mid 50s just make sure you add extra protection like hay or grass clippings to add a extra protection to hold the heat in the winter.
 if you don’t have a greenhouse available at your local store or plant nursery you can purchase clicking the picture below

How to Start A Flower Garden

The Garden guy is going to help you start your flower bulbs you purchased online or indoor or dug up last year. The first way to start your flower garden is the easy way by digging a trench in your garden bed wherever you may have it at make sure to make the trench about 2inches in depth and for (example) if you have twelve flower bulbs make sure the trench is about five feet long. The other way to start a flower garden for a small place is to purchase a flower pot with drainage holes on the bottom of the pot any size will do and take your flower bulbs of your choice and fill the flower pot full of your favorite garden soil and bury them about 1inch in depth. Make sure to water them just right like a damp sponge and water only if the soil is almost a sand like texture or by putting your index finger in the soil and if the soil sticks on your finger then your plants do not need watering  Spring Celebration 2X! Up to 20% off from Plants Express

Nice yard Plants

The best time about this time of year is more daylight and putting plants into the ground. Today the garden guy is going to give you some ideas of what plants you can plant into the ground and or pots. Plant #1 is a evergreen there are two types of evergreens the first one is a pine tree and the second is the shrub or most known as the traditional bush that makes your yard look nice year around the good thing about evergreens is you can plant as soon as the ground is workable. Plant #2 is flowering type plants like the black eyed Susans which my black eyed Susans are just starting to come above the surface of the soil they are usually the first flowering plants to come up in the spring with the tulips. Plant # 3 is the trees like your maple, oak, apple, pears, and etc.... so I hope I helped you prepare your yard for the spring season and a beautiful looking yard that when people walk by they go wow like they do here at my house. To be honest I get a good happy feeling when I see people admire my yard.  Abba Patio Solar String Lights, 32ft 100LED Outdoor String Lights 8 Modes with Remote Control, Waterproof Red & Green 1 Pack

When the yard is ready

As it is getting closer to spring you are probably asking yourself when can I start to plant bulbs or shrubs in the ground. The shrubs and trees can go into the ground as soon as the ground is workable which means and soon as you dig into the ground and it does not take a lot of elbow grease to dig a hole that is the perfect time to plant your trees and shrubs. The other thing you are probably as king yourself what about frost that can kill the plants good question if you bought your plants from a plant nursery online or locally most likely them plants have already been though a winter so it is okay to plant. The only thing you don’t want to plant right now is flower bulbs or garden seeds the reason is because of the frost which usually ends about the mid of April and just to be on the safe side wait until the days stay about 60s to 70s degrees the reason is because you want to let the soil in warm up. 

Spring is Around The Corner

There is only 23 days until spring and Mother Nature is showing us the first thing you may notice is that we have more sunshine at 6pm and more sunny and warmer temperatures and less snow and more rain maybe even noticed that buds are starting on your plants but do not sprout. Maybe even noticed the grass is starting to turn from brown to green. Tip for you is to purchase your grass seed or whatever it may be before the week of spring because most likely if you wait til the last minute all the things you may need for outdoors will be gone. 

A Crazy Burger Recipe

Today The Garden Guy is going to share a recipe that is fun and different the ingredients you need for this recipe is
8 pk of unfrozen Italian sausage
Shredded cheese ( your choice)
8 pk of hotdog buns
A frying pan
A knife 
A spatula 
Step 1: Take your frying pan and place it on the stove top burner and preheat to 350 degrees.

Step 2: take your 8pk of unfrozen Italian sausage and take your knife and remove the casein. Then put the Italian sausage meat into the frying pan on the stovetop and take your spatula and chop the Italian sausage until it looks like Burger making sure stir it President’s Day 3x -- Triple Your Internet Discount with Plants Express! evenly when the Italian sausage is turning golden brown add your shredded cheese of your choosing.

Step 3: when everything is finished cooking take your hotdog buns and add the Italian sausage burger and enjoy. 

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How to make a indoor garden

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System - $125 in CouponsThe Garden Guy has a fun easy project for you and your family and friends the items you will need is:
Ice cube trays
Elmers Glue
A plastic cup
Garden seeds of your choice 
Potting Soil
Step 1: lay down newspapers on the table or work area. Take the ice cube trays and lay it on top of the newspaper. 
Take some leftover newspaper and shred it.
Step 2: Valentine's Day Sale! Buy 2 or More Select Items Get 25% Off! Code: love25. Ends 02/16/2020. take the plastic cup fill it with warm water and take your glue and mix some into the water make sure it dissolves. Then take your shredded newspaper and dunk it into the water and glue solution.
Step 3: press the shredded newspaper in the ice cube trays add at least to layers of newspaper per ice cube slot to form a pot like shape 
After you got all the trays full of wet newspaper and let it sit overnight for at least 24 hours.
Step 4: take your potting soil and fill the pot shaped newspaper and fill about half way full of potting soil Then take seeds of your choice and plant the seed in the soil make sure to spray them with the spray bottle.