How to prepare for fall

Well folks today is September 23rd 2019 which means today to the start of the fall equinox that means it’s time to put your spring and summer things away and bring out the fall decorations and start preparing your garden plants for winter Tip #1 on the first week of October 2019 is the first frost date which means any tropical like plants you brought from inside the house and moved outdoors in the early to late spring this year it is time to bring them in my tip to you if you want to help your plants in the house on winter cold months invest in a little greenhouse that is if you have to space or if  you don’t have the space invest in a little grow light CLICK THE LINK TO BUY a grow light helps with the natural  daylight you lose in the spring/summer months just remember with a grow light only use the grow light for 6 hours a day try to keep it on a schedule for example you would turn on the light at 10am and turn the light off at 4pm every day. If you already have a grow light congratulations if not it’s ok you don’t have to invest in one if you don’t to you can put your house plants near a window with the most light throughout the day just make sure there is no cold drafts in the window. If you have any more questions for me leave me a comment with your concerns or questions about any of your plants inside or outside. Hope you have a good one gardeners and outdoor fans. ❤️TheGardenGuy🌱

Cherish The Summer Days

As the Fall season is almost here take some extra time to sit or walk outdoors for maybe a hour or two after work to enjoy the last days of 2019 summer days because before you know it all the green leaves off the tres will turn yellow to brown and into a bald tree until the spring and summer of 2020 no matter how old or young you are take a hour of your day enjoying something you like to do as a hobbie like fishing for example like it is your last. Just remember memories last a lifetime and pictures keep the memories you may or may not have forgiven so have a fantastic years ahead of you- ❤️TheGardenGuy🌱

A bandit at work

Here’s a quick tip for you guys This picture shown below is a from a bandit and that bandit is a skunk digging a hole. As you may or may not know I love bird watching in my yard but it has a advantages and disadvantages which is the birds drop some of the seed on the ground and it attracts the wild animals. So my tip to you is do not fill your platform feeder to the top only fill it half way no waste or mess to pick up. Happy Birdwatching-❤️TheGardenGuy🌱

This plant is gigantic

In the Small Town of Kittanning Pennsylvania is the biggest tree around the area the size is about as tall as a 7 story building and the picture below shows how wide it is by my hand. It’s been here for about 100 years and it still has green leaves every spring. And still grows and more beautiful and wonderful to see in person so if you live in the area of Armstrong county surrounding areas come down and see it for yourself you won’t regret it don’t forget to get pictures for yourself. ❤️TheGardenGuy🌱 

The Bush That gives beauty

The buffer fly bush gets its name from attracting all kinds of butterflies big and small. It even attracts the hummingbirds the butterfly bush comes in so many colors light blue, red, Purple, and so on the have different sizes for different flower beds. I have the dwarf variety it only gets about 5ft tall and 5ft wide. But the bigger ones can get 10ft tall and 5ft wide. The good thing about this bush is that they are (pre-annuals) means that the will die in the winter and come back year after year. Just make sure you mulch it just to be on the safe side. And they do not cost a lot I got mine at my local plant nursery for $12. Also when next spring rolls around and you don’t see buds when all your other plants are budding that’s normal the bush don’t bud and bloom til around mid-June and July. IF YOU HAVE A COMMENT ABOUT THIS PLANT THAT YOU OWN OR THINKING ABOUT OWNING ONE COMMENT BELOW AND I WILL RESPOND ASAP - ❤️TheGardenGuy🌱

Not a warm welcome

We’ll as the days get cooler and and days don’t get scorching hot and stay cool and breezy throughout the days that’s a sign that fall is unfortunately around the corner that means that the trees will turn yellow and drop off. And the flowers and brushes will not produce buds til next year. TIP#1 you don’t have to cover your bushes or plants if you mulch them they will be fine. TIP #2 if you have any fruit like (strawberry plants) for example and they are mulched for extra protection. In late September add some hay or grass like material to protect them. TIP #3 any flower beds with flowers on them cut the flowers off and use them inside a vase with water to make them look nice and to get the flower bed ready for spring 2020 before the frost cause that will kill your flowers if you don’t do it before the frost. ALSO IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS COMMENT BELOW. ❤️Happy Preparation❤️ -The Garden Guy
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