how to birdwatch in the winter

So if you like feeding the birds in the warmer months I’m gonna help you with a tip that you can watch the birds feeding while you are right inside your warm cozy home this one I love my self. This bird feeder is for the outside your window and you can purchase it by clicking this link real cheap under $20 plus you can keep it up year around if you like and has a detachable water tray for the birds to use in the spring and summer months. Hope this helps you with your watching birds journey in the winter months and not having to freeze while watching birds.                      Happy birdwatching🦅                  

Have growing plants inside

Today the Garden Guy will help you have some fun for the people that can only grow your crops only in the spring/summer months. Let’s start off with your plants outdoors like your smaller plants like your flowers if you have any flowers with bulbs go look in the flower bed and dig them up before the first frost then bring the flower bulbs inside and get your a pot if you don’t have one you can make one easily get yourself a empty milk jug wash it out and get yourself some dirt it could be from outside or your own potting soil your choice the you can put the soil in the pot and if you have more than one flower bulb like three for example you can put the bulbs in just leave about three inches of space between the bulbs when planting them in the pot of dirt put the flower bulbs in dirt about 3 inches to cover the bulb of dirt then just sit the pot by a sunny location with no drafts then water about once or twice a week or when the soil starts to get dry wait until it sprouts just remember to turn the pot once in a while because the plant will grow towards the sunlight and the plant will start looking funny. So I hope I helped you the plant lover with this helpful tip. 🌱The Garden Guy❤️

How to grow plants indoors

The cold weather is going be coming soon so if you want to grow free plants then I got a tip for you and no these plants are not sold in stores anywhere. This are outdoors the first free plant is tomatoes from your tomatoes you get from your garden or the tomatoes you bought at the produce section of the store save the seeds of the tomatoes and let dry by a sunny window for about a week then get a pot full of dirt and plant the seeds and water and sit your plant in a non drafty window And near a sunny window or buy a grow light near you or online. The second plant is a avocado pit cut the avocado in half just be carful not the cut the pit in the middle of the avocado then wash the avocado pit off make sure no green avocado stuff is left on the avocado pit do not cut the skin around the avocado pit off leave it on then take a glass of water and three toothpicks and put the toothpicks in the avocado pit MAKE SURE the avocado pit is pointy side up and the bottom is down the bottom side of the avocado pit goes in the water just don’t put the toothpicks all the way though the avocado pit and balance the avocado pit with toothpicks in the glass of water make sure the avocado pit with toothpicks is halfway covered with water and make sure to refill the glass when needed and put avocado pit in a sunny window with no drafts then the avocado pit with eventually start to split in half in the water that is normal the the roots will start to grow in water leave the pit in water until the sprout comes from the top then transfer the avocado pit with sprouts in pot with potting soil make sure not to disturb the roots while transplanting to soil then keep watering til it is damp and not to over water.

Have some fun in October

It is officially October 1st that means is time to harvest you pumpkins and corn from the field and get ready to decorate for the Halloween and fall season a good thing about pumpkins is that when you harvest them or you buy one at the local department store you can have them to decorate or near Halloween you can carve them just a heads up don’t carve them to early or they will rot if you want to carve the pumpkin before Halloween just fill a spray bottle with water and a small amount of bleach and spray the carved areas of the pumpkin with the bleach solution in the spray bottle then let the carved pumpkin air dry. Then take your pumpkin seeds that you have from carving the pumpkin and if you want a delicious snack you can remove the pumpkin orange guts the best you can from the seeds and take them to the sink with a strainer and put the seeds in the strainer and rinse them with warm water trying to remove the extra pumpkin guts from the seeds then take the rinsed off seeds put them in a bowl and add melted butter and a pinch of garlic salt mix it then you can put them in the oven on 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or the air fryer on 350 for 15 minutes then check on them til they turn a golden brown now remove to seeds and enjoy. Hope you have fun with this little project to do yourself or with the little ones feel free to share this article. 🌱The Garden Guy❤️