Have growing plants inside

Today the Garden Guy will help you have some fun for the people that can only grow your crops only in the spring/summer months. Let’s start off with your plants outdoors like your smaller plants like your flowers if you have any flowers with bulbs go look in the flower bed and dig them up before the first frost then bring the flower bulbs inside and get your a pot if you don’t have one you can make one easily get yourself a empty milk jug wash it out and get yourself some dirt it could be from outside or your own potting soil your choice the you can put the soil in the pot and if you have more than one flower bulb like three for example you can put the bulbs in just leave about three inches of space between the bulbs when planting them in the pot of dirt put the flower bulbs in dirt about 3 inches to cover the bulb of dirt then just sit the pot by a sunny location with no drafts then water about once or twice a week or when the soil starts to get dry wait until it sprouts just remember to turn the pot once in a while because the plant will grow towards the sunlight and the plant will start looking funny. So I hope I helped you the plant lover with this helpful tip. 🌱The Garden Guy❤️

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