How to start a compost pile

Today The Garden Guy will help you start a compost pile or bin if you want to save money on buying gardening soil but never wanted to to pay the price for a bag of soil im here to help to start composting you need to start with a even on brown material and green material let me explain what a brown material is a brown material is dead leaves, sticks, anything plants that are brown and not living is considered a brown material. Now a green material is fresh weeds picked in or around the garden or flower beds and fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells make sure you don’t use any meat products because they smell and are not good in the garden. To make sure the compost turns into dirt is make sure you and water to it water lightly killer a wet sponge if you water it to much and it dripping wet it will stink like a rotten smell and will be no good I will have to restart all over. When you lightly water the compost pile make sure you take a garden shovel and turn the pile because that we let air into the pile which will help the pile beak down and turn into dirt faster. FUN FACT: A Compost Pile is called Black Gold because it is the richest soil for you plants and gives the plants nutritions to help them grow. Hope this help you grow your own black gold if you have any further questions comment on this post and The Garden Guy will get back to you ASAP.

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