The New Year

New Year's Triple Play -- Triple Your Internet Discount with Plants Express!In less then two days from now the year of 2019 will be the thing of the past and another decade will be gone. People celebrate New Years in different ways me the garden guy celebrates by doing a New Years resolution and watching the ball drop on live television. Some people like the Chinese do a tradition I have heard of is the red envelopes which they give their family and friends on New Years a red envelope 🧧 full of cash and the Chinese believe that brings that person good fortune for the new year. So let me ask you what does your family do for the New Years if you celebrate it. Feel free to comment below and have a safe and happy New Year’s Day and celebrating 2020 - $125 in Coupons

The Christmas pickle

AeroGarden - In-Home Garden System - $125 in CouponsThe Garden Guy’s favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas pickle how the story goes is you purchase a pickle ornament and when you get ready to put the gifts under the tree when everyone is asleep you hide the Christmas pickle in the tree then when Christmas morning comes around and you are finished opening gifts you ask all the kids and or adults to go search for the Christmas pickle in the tree then whoever finds the Christmas pickle first wins you could congratulate the winner by saying good job or spice it up a bit by giving the winner a extra gift the choice is yours. Hope you have a safe and fun Merry Christmas from our family to your family

Christmas events

Replacing your lawn? Use Plants Express for plants in California! Lowest prices delivered direct to I got a couple fun events to do on or before Christmas event number one is be spreading Christmas cheer by doing some caroling and my favorite thing we do for our neighbors is called  you’ve been socked if you never heard of it I’m going to tell you print out a you’ve been socked poem online just simply google it then purchase a stocking and fill stuff like maybe a candle or if the neighbor has kids or a dog and maybe purchase something for them make sure to be secret don’t put your name on the paper because the neighbor you hanged the stocking on their door knob is supposed to do the same to another neighbor of his or her choosing.

Helping the wild birds in the winter

Love watching the birds but don’t know how to help the wild birds in the winter well I am going to help you out the first thing is to purchase suet or seed without the shell the reason why is that they need to save their energy to fly and keep warm if your bird seed has a shell that means the birds have to waste their energy on opening the shell if you want you can use both shell or non shell seed and then purchase a bird feed suet feeder at your local feed store that sells wild bird feed the bird feed I recommend is sunflower chips with no shell and wild bird feed mix with a little bit of everything and to help the birds with getting more energy is by purchasing a fruit and nut feed mix and if you want you can purchase unsalted peanuts shelled or unshelled for the blue jays if you like seeing them I would recommend feeding blue jays away from the main feeders where the smaller birds eat because the blue jays are a little more aggressive. The cardinals can eat with the smaller birds. A Tip is that cardinals and blue jays never get along so make sure to feed the cardinals with the smaller birds the cardinals favorite seed to feed on is black oil sunflower seeds if you would like to save money on seed I would recommend placing the seed in tube feeders because the sparrows and the smaller birds will clean your seed tray and or platform by the end of the day if you put the seed in tube feeder the seed will last a lot longer. To help the birds in the winter you can hang a bird house with hay and or dry grass to help the birds stay warm and survive the harsh winter weather.

We can help your company

Do you want to get more people to visit your website or want help getting more sales. Then you are in the right place I am actively looking for companies to work with by placing your advertisements on this website. we help all types of people that love outdoor activities like gardening, plants and so on we sometime test a product and write our honest review. we update our website with new articles every Tuesday if you would be interested please contact us by emailing me at we will respond by 1-2 business day.

How to get in the Christmas spirit

So it is officially the month of December which is the month of spending time together with you’re loved one on or near Christmas But I wanna talk about getting in the Christmas spirit outdoors you don’t have to stop decorating outside in the winter months when it is cold outside if you want you can put a wreath on your door if you don’t like being outside in the cold when decorating for Christmas you could go inside and getting you’re favorite tree up for Christmas if you’re like me you love a real Christmas tree but hate wasting money on a cut down tree or go out and hunt for a pine tree to cut down but hate the hassle of going back outside and carrying it in the cold to the curb but I will make it easier for you by saving you time and money by purchasing one at a nursery near you or online your choice by purchasing a dwarf variety Christmas tree that grows up to 4ft to 10ft tall full grown with roots and all and get potting mix you may have left over from the spring and put the live pine tree in and have for nice scenery in the spring and year around and most importantly for Christmas and decorating the pine tree in December then removing after Christmas and still have a nice spring feel to your home think of it like spring/summer is in your home so I hope I helped you make more future Christmas easier and less hassle and saving you money in the long run.
❤️The Garden Guy🌱