Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Love watching the birds but don’t know how to help the wild birds in the winter well I am going to help you out the first thing is to purchase suet or seed without the shell the reason why is that they need to save their energy to fly and keep warm if your bird seed has a shell that means the birds have to waste their energy on opening the shell if you want you can use both shell or non shell seed and then purchase a bird feed suet feeder at your local feed store that sells wild bird feed the bird feed I recommend is sunflower chips with no shell and wild bird feed mix with a little bit of everything and to help the birds with getting more energy is by purchasing a fruit and nut feed mix and if you want you can purchase unsalted peanuts shelled or unshelled for the blue jays if you like seeing them I would recommend feeding blue jays away from the main feeders where the smaller birds eat because the blue jays are a little more aggressive. The cardinals can eat with the smaller birds. A Tip is that cardinals and blue jays never get along so make sure to feed the cardinals with the smaller birds the cardinals favorite seed to feed on is black oil sunflower seeds if you would like to save money on seed I would recommend placing the seed in tube feeders because the sparrows and the smaller birds will clean your seed tray and or platform by the end of the day if you put the seed in tube feeder the seed will last a lot longer. To help the birds in the winter you can hang a bird house with hay and or dry grass to help the birds stay warm and survive the harsh winter weather.

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