Tuesday, 3 December 2019

So it is officially the month of December which is the month of spending time together with you’re loved one on or near Christmas But I wanna talk about getting in the Christmas spirit outdoors you don’t have to stop decorating outside in the winter months when it is cold outside if you want you can put a wreath on your door if you don’t like being outside in the cold when decorating for Christmas you could go inside and getting you’re favorite tree up for Christmas if you’re like me you love a real Christmas tree but hate wasting money on a cut down tree or go out and hunt for a pine tree to cut down but hate the hassle of going back outside and carrying it in the cold to the curb but I will make it easier for you by saving you time and money by purchasing one at a nursery near you or online your choice by purchasing a dwarf variety Christmas tree that grows up to 4ft to 10ft tall full grown with roots and all and get potting mix you may have left over from the spring and put the live pine tree in and have for nice scenery in the spring and year around and most importantly for Christmas and decorating the pine tree in December then removing after Christmas and still have a nice spring feel to your home think of it like spring/summer is in your home so I hope I helped you make more future Christmas easier and less hassle and saving you money in the long run.
❤️The Garden Guy🌱

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