The story about the red rose

The red rose and the story behind it the story goes a girl fell in love with a man and the night of once a year in February as we call it is Valentine’s Day the rose of the traditional red color stands for the red heart as you see on or around the holiday of love a good way to celebrate is to get your love one a gift that will last a lifetime your love for one another yes a date on the town is nice but money can not buy love. Money is just there to make life easier if you are religious you might have heard that money is the root of all evil not true money is there to help you for example someone works hard to start a business or company and they spend money to help their business to get off the ground and they sell stuff to get there money back that they use to get their business or company where it is now. So The Garden Guy wants to wish you a nice Valentine’s Day ❤️🌱

Get the garden ready for the new season

So if you are new to gardening or just need a little help getting ready for the new garden season and on how to prepare you plants that will be getting buds soon here is some tips. Tip #1 is if you have shrubs and or plants like nuts or fruit trees that you may have planted last year I would recommend spraying them with a pesticide for that type of plant easy to find online like at amazon or eBay just type in your plant or shrub. The thing about trees is they have to be trimmed back every mid February because you do not want a tree or shrubs to grow wide you want it to grow up wards because you want to plant to put the strength on the upper branches because that is where the foliage of the plant will get big and lush and wild make the fruit or nuts much bigger and more delicious.

Materials to get ready for the garden season

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Is this your first year gardening and or landscaping I am here to help you the most important part of gardening is your tools the best tools is your hands but you need other tools like a gardening rake. A Garden rake help you break up rock hard soil and loses up the soil in the ground to be able to plant what you need to plant the number one rule in gardening is that the plants and or crops do not like rock hard soil. they like breakable soil that you can grab and falls apart easily like potting soil Hot Sale! 15% Off Carports & Canopies! Use Code AF15. for example. The other best tool is the garden shovel I am not talking about the little handheld shovels I am talking about the shovel that you have to use your foot to dig in the ground the reason I recommend that shovel is because the rake doesn’t always work and the point of the shovel helps you get in the soil better. people do not like to get their nails dirty a product I recommend that I’ve been using for over 4 years is the gloves I call is the badger garden gloves you can buy them here

How to start seeds

Well the new year is here now you are probably asking yourself when can I start planting seeds. Well The Garden Guy is about to tell you you can start in three easy steps. Step #1 is getting a seed starter tray or by cleaning out a empty egg carton and getting some potting soil you may have from last years growing season. Step #2 get your seeds you may have harvested from last year or had some seed you purchased last year and had left over and plant the seeds in the egg carton full of soil I know what you are probably thinking what kind of seeds can I put in the cartons you can plant any kind of seeds you want because this project is and indoor project until March 20th which is the first day of spring. Make sure to keep the seeds in the soil sponge like not soaking wet but just like a sponge in the sink and you can purchase a grow light but you don’t need to if you don’t have sun that day just put the seeds under a desk lamp making sure to spray the soil at least once a day you should see sprouts by 7-10 days then the sprouts will be ready by spring to plant in the ground.  Coupon