How to make a indoor garden

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System - $125 in CouponsThe Garden Guy has a fun easy project for you and your family and friends the items you will need is:
Ice cube trays
Elmers Glue
A plastic cup
Garden seeds of your choice 
Potting Soil
Step 1: lay down newspapers on the table or work area. Take the ice cube trays and lay it on top of the newspaper. 
Take some leftover newspaper and shred it.
Step 2: Valentine's Day Sale! Buy 2 or More Select Items Get 25% Off! Code: love25. Ends 02/16/2020. take the plastic cup fill it with warm water and take your glue and mix some into the water make sure it dissolves. Then take your shredded newspaper and dunk it into the water and glue solution.
Step 3: press the shredded newspaper in the ice cube trays add at least to layers of newspaper per ice cube slot to form a pot like shape 
After you got all the trays full of wet newspaper and let it sit overnight for at least 24 hours.
Step 4: take your potting soil and fill the pot shaped newspaper and fill about half way full of potting soil Then take seeds of your choice and plant the seed in the soil make sure to spray them with the spray bottle.

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